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Sarson Sports USA, Inc.

X40 Shin Guards

X40 Shin Guards

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  • Minimize Hit Impact During the Game - The ultimate support and protection during sports training and games. Use these soccer shin guards to shield the shins from external impact while still allowing full range of motion in the ankles and knees. It will absorb the contact by dissipating it across itself and reducing or excluding the consequences to the soccer player's leg.
  • Comfortable Contoured Fit & More Robust - Constructed with high density and an elastic shell with arched shape to fit on shin comfortably. The soft EVA lining inside meant to prevent chafing and provide enough buffering. They’ll stay put, no matter what.
  • Multi-fit Protective Gear for Beginners and Pro Athletes - These shin guards can be used at any age or skill level. From beginners to professional level, these lightweight and durable shinguards will provide the impact resistance and protection needed for any match.
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